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Benchmarking in paris2g Test results: The brook was very tiny at the beginning but thanks to the clear-sighted top management and improving drivers the gentle murmur turned into a roaring river. Also note that we expanded the list of the test tools and carried out the more thorough and complete examination of speed and quality of the cards in 3D. A short time later the clock speed fell down to the default settings because of the failure protection. But it doesn’t affect the quality.

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The fan is installed on a big sink that covers both the core 9200sr the memory chips. Does such partnership mean unequal conditions for the its other partners?

Asus 9200 SE 128 MB BIOS

Also, the fans are equipped with tachometers as the card supports hardware monitoring. This line supports the GameFace technology that allows seeing competitors’ faces through web cameras in network games, and the company supplies a special driver which works together with ATI’s drivers.

In asks, the XT wins the battle. The card is failure protected – the VPU Recover returns the default settings if the card starts working unstably.

Video cards features Testbed, test tools, 2D quality Test results: The SE loses to the FXbut its price is also higher. It might compete only against the FX Ultra.


Angel of Darkness v.

Let’s compare it to the driver This panel appears only on the reference card; when we installed the same drivers on the ASUS card that tab disappeared. The whole line is painted bright orange.


Quality was already examined, and next time we will add more about it. This cooler is more powerful. The programmers are already informed about it, and we hope that the next time it will be corrected. The cooler is pretty low and doesn’t prevent installation of cards into the first PCI slot. The FX is also beaten that is why the price will decide a lot.

I never saw an FX with a bit bus. This time the rendering quality looks equal.

As it was manufactured before the agreement ws concluded, that card sold as a noname card. Its upper layer nicely plays with colors. The top-level model has the biggest box which displays the 9200ee itself behind the plastic window under the cover.

AquaMark3 This time we tested only two most powerful accelerators: I just want to say that the SE has no chance to win, and the XT is again limited by its memory bus and doesn’t look better than the PRO. This card is packed in a separate cardboard box which is wrapped into a glossy shell. In contrast to the reference cooler that has one huge fan, ASUS uses two fans such coolers were installed on GeForce FX based cardsthat is why the sink made of copper alloy is very massive.


Actually, at the core temperature up to 52 degrees the card asu speed up to MHz; if the temperature is from 52 to 65 degrees, the clock speed is maintained at MHz.

VGA Bios Collection: Asus SE MB | TechPowerUp

The XT wins the battle. Both fans have a single power supply source. If the GPU gets too warm it cuts down the clock speed to the default values. The cover has the shape of the girl’s silhouette.

All the cards ship in retail packages. In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and other classes. I never saw such cards before.