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Rock-solid performance on the laptop! Be sure to ask for Ken Lee when you call them or place your order online. Battery life on the G2S-A1 has been reported to be anywhere from around 90 minutes to 2 hours. I have mixed feelings for the glowing eyeball in between the touchpad buttons; at first it looks good, but it tends to get annoying after a while. While I believe it was designed to boot some kind of Asus media software in XP, in Vista it simply boots Windows and then Windows Media Center, rendering it quite useless.

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In terms of heat, however, it produces what would be expected of a gaming auss The hinges proved to be very strong and moved in a fluid motion, but the latch did not hold the screen down asks securely as I might have liked. The brightness alone all but eliminates the glare and reflection issue. I feel that this laptop will provide me with many years of service and enjoyment.

So, details like letters are bigger. How to judge the ac adapter whether it can be compatible with your laptop?.

Once again, I was not disappointed. Super Pi forces the prcoessor to calculate Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy, below are some comparison results:.

This adapter comes with a power cord and is watts and has a 5. The cover’s handsomeness contrasts starkly with the series of tacky crimson streaks that run down the outer edge of the screen and extend into the keyboard area. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. It is a I was thankful that it could be easily turned off simply by disabling the touchpad. Asus G2S Refine Results.


Asus G2 Series

Being a larger screen model it is a little on the heavy side, but it feels solid, not just like dead weight. This large asua size is used for laptops which are mainly intended for an use on a desk. I do tend to travel about once a month, but plan to leave the laptop in place once I reach my destination. The keys on the keyboard itself actually get somewhat warm, as does the glossy surface around it.

Then again, this is g2a your average DTR. I opted to add one gigabyte of RAM, for a total of three, as my only configuration change from stock. Asus, are you listening hint, hint?

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There was absolutely no bass present. I loved how the palm-rest is made of actual brushed aluminum. Ken answered all of my questions and explained the different features of the laptop in great detail. ZipZoom had placed that box into a larger box, and surrounded it with popcorn so all arrived in good shape. All these operations were lightning fast and did not make the screen jump and flinch like they did on my old desktop as it searched for RAM and swapped page-file space, etc.


Another view of the included backpack.

They do nothing but flash in a consistent pattern, and therefore render themselves next to useless. During asks periods of intensive use, the bottom of the laptop will become very hot, and would likely burn you mildly if you placed it directly on your lap.

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. But it still has plenty going for it, including DirectX 10 graphics, a knockout display, and a solid gaming experience.

These are only a few reasons that make Vista a beneficial upgrade. It is neither glass-smooth, nor is it really rough.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. I like the feel of the touchpad. Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard seems to auss nicely laid out and the pressure required to press the keys seems about right.

In between the touchpad lies a unique, glowing eye.