Here is a test from a well known company that refutes the others and is recent 11 Apr, Will KillerNIC perform better than the competition in such scenario? Sure, but that general consensus is based upon older controllers, on add-in cards, not the current E that is built into GAMING motherboards from nearly every brand. Both Left for Dead 2 and CS: Anyway, a result from another site not my results:

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You can do that, sure. With a single exception, no tests or combination of settings made any difference, even when two or more separate local servers were accessed for copy operations, a best-case scenario configuration that bypasses some bandwidth limits.

Joined Apr 10, Messages 17, 3. As such you can download newer, unmodified drivers from Atheros directly, just google for: Suppose I am playing an online game while torrenting in the background.

Killer Wireless-N 1202 and E2200 Ethernet controller launch, aim to squash your ping times

But balancing between asymmetric networking interfaces is notoriously difficult, often causing more problems than it solves, and testing the Killer network manager revealed this remains the case. Oh and its bbigfoot best to just use your router’s QoS. Fourstaff Moderator Staff member. Qualcomm eventually relented and now offers a barebones version of the Atheros LAN and Wi-Fi driver set without the manager included.


But not by much at all.

Although the specs still favor Intel in terms of driver polish, DPC latency and extended features, those solutions are also more expensive. Intel is often preffered for servers because they are more compatible with hypervizors like VMware and hyper-v. D intel is a good company.

I tried to go advanced options and then Speed and Duplex. Most people will be able to killet you that the “Killer Ethernet” is fairy pointless, I didn’t buy the laptop for it at any rate. Proprietary vs 3rd party. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

For example, ISP speeds are just a fraction of home network bandwidth or a server attached to a network with a single gigabit NIC gigabit fiber is as fast as e2020 gets for most, and your typical cable or DSL connection is far slower at megabits or less. AMD phenom IIx4 black edition 3. Is the Killer Network Manager worth it, as a deluxe feature? I think if it did it would be available in the options.

Intel NIC (Network interface controller) vs Killer E | TechPowerUp Forums

I used the latets drivers from both, Qualcomm website and MSI, doesn’t make any difference. The problem comes from the extended driver package for gamers that tries to combine these separate controllers via the Killer network manager.


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Intel NIC (Network interface controller) vs Killer E2200

I did a test with a standard intel gigabit nic card and a Killer nic. The truth is less clear cut.

I can’t get more than mbps, the options are that, 10mbps and auto negoitation. And, here is one quote from the review: Joined Oct 12, Messages 5, 1.

Killer Wireless-N and E Ethernet controller launch, aim to squash your ping times

bihfoot Because technically ,that’s what we’d really be comparing The idea behind gaming oriented NICs network interface controllers seems great: Picking a motherboard with the right feature list for this test was easy. Best part, they are cheaper than their plain-Jane Intel counterparts.

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