Nothing has been presented to this Court to suggest that the legislature has acted arbitrarily or capriciously in its exercise of that power or in its delegation of that power to the Racing Board. I went to Arlington a handful of times and only bet on Earlie Fires on account of I liked the name. The saving grace for us was that we had a reputation for racing cold not all juiced up so people had confidence when buying horses from us that they weren’t purchasing drug addicts. Then someone created what we call a “mikshake”. I figured there would be a fair number of weird stories but it might be due to my reading habits.

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Bonefish, a son of Nevele Pride was the Two-Year-Old Trotter of the year when he won 10 of 16 starts, including the Review at Springfield, for Dancer who drove, trained and co-owned the youngster.

Looking back: Bonefish and the summer of ’75 :: Harnesslink

He’s going to get kicked or bitten. Watching people on bad cooked up Tide is the best. If a horse won the Hambletonian with a blue balloon tied to his tail on the first Saturday in August, aless following Monday horses across the country would be heading to the starting gate with blue balloons ties to their tails.


Joe Orr Road Rod. Every time a bettor loses a bet they think the driver stiffed the horse! My partner never said her word.

MATTER OF ALESSI | 12 B.R. 96 () | br |

Many of these young horsemen are college-educated and open-minded when it comes to new concepts. At least not what I would call a pre-race. And so it becomes a dance to see how close to post time you can administer the pre-race without it coming up positive of the post-race test.

Then bronchodilators like Clenbuterol came into fashion. Hiteman was driving a little filly for my buddy.

You’re not initiating violence but responding to his challenge. I’m not going to say I’m a choir boy, but I’m not going to hurt a horse. I bet Joe Orr has a Case story for alesi that somehow involves cocaine or kicking horses.

Looking back: Bonefish and the summer of ’75

It’s more about the way the horse receives your actions. I want them out there winning every race for me. Zizou, you probably remember a mediocre Chicago driver named Jeff Kroninger. I don’t care how good a guy like that is, I’m not using him. It always surprised me given the expense of the animal. And we did really well. alrssi

Paradise looks back to ’75 Midwest Derby

Don’t even need all the great stories. The regulation by the several states of the practice of betting in general and of betting on horse races in particular is so widely recognized that the Court may take judicial notice of the prevailing view that this is a proper exercise of the police power reserved to the states.


At the Eighth Harnese on August 27, Carver’s got harnesw to burn. These guys don’t give a shit about anything but their paycheck.

She was fit as a fiddle. Bonefish winning Hambletonian; race call by Stan Bergstein. I don’t have any experience with breaking a horse to ride.

So Who should I place a few bucks on for the Derby?

The favorite Raven Hanover George Sholty took the first in 2: Thu Apr 26, 4: Tom Harmer, his buddy, was the favorite. The illustrious Rambling Willie, trained and driven by the late great Bob Farrington, was a fan favorite that aessi, rattling off five consecutive victories.

It sounds like his methods are not used by the majority or horsemen.