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Hi what is the format of your contacts? This is Best method to recover your mobile password. Will this affect the device i transferred these contacts too now that i have deleted them from my account? It has been confirmed by numerous users that the feature is not available on the device and that they wish that it did in fact come with the feature. Hi, if you didn’t make any backup you will not be able to recover your contacts at all. Suggested Solutions 10 What’s this?

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We are Cloud solution. Hello, does the app show any error message after pressing Synchronize button?

On each phone in the settings there is contact settings and there you can set which contacts will be visible. Sorry, exact name of the account is Advanced and Account.

CloudFone ICE e secret codes

Notes synchronization will be launched later. So I’d suggest you contact the support team. When Iwanted to synchronized they couldn’t pick up my brand. How can i restore my sms.

First time sync will be “slow sync” and another one should be already “fast sync”. When I pf to create an account from the phone Phonecopy closes unexpectedly – leading to Force Close. Can i restore this back up into my phone again? PhoneCopy is just synchronizing my Gmail contacts.


CloudFone ICE 350e Hard Reset

It still says I am over the allowed amount and that sync has been disabled. Please, try to login with your username.

Pls can be clodufone problem, and what’s the solution? I am not sure what was done, but for now it is backup automatically again. I’m trying to get hotmail cloudfkne from my computer to my samsung galaxy ace-4 lite. Easy to carry and can easily fit in Cookies help us deliver our services.

I want to block the phone so that the thief cannot use it anymore. Did you select gmail account in the PhoneCopy application settings as database which has to be synchronized?

How can I get my calendar from Ipad to htc tel. Cloudfone Next Infinity Lowest Price: Yes, please follow our guides: I synchronized my contacts from my mobile to the server. Now you can log in by email instead of username only to PhoneCopy.

Hi I’m done with backup. You will not recover your data like cloudfoe, contacts and Media Files etc, after factory reset. Please check our guide http: HI, if i delete delete my messages in my phone after first synchronization, and again i synchronize after one day then my first synchronized messages will be gone from phoneCopy server Is it true?


I don’t really need to sync any Media.

Backup contacts, photos, videos and sms messages from Cloudfone Ice 350e

If you also want to remove all your data from PhoneCopy service, visit https: Hi, please start application on your android phone. Download our latest android uce and confirm prompt message when you will be asked for SMS sync. Our software quickly, effectively, and safely roots your SPRD ice e. After reset, You will see the android Welcome screen just as you did when you turned the device on for the first time.