September 26th, 1. So much for travelling lightly and without bulk. The m never slowed down once. This notebook is also a good size for business people that need to travel or just want a smallish notebook that can easily be transported between work and home. The lid hinge feels solid and is still easy to open, the CD tray is not overly wobbly and there are not buttons or ports that look like they re begging to fall off or cause problems after a few months of use. Good news, the optical drive is modular on the m, as is the way with most Inspiron notebooks. Can you temporarily get a wired ethernet connection and do:

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This means that if you initially buy the m with just a plain DVD drive and wish to upgrade to a DVD burner then you can just buy a DVD burner specifically made for the m from the Dell website and then switch it out with the DVD drive in there.

You re literally forced to buy an extended life battery or carry an extra battery. Usually a notebook from Dell will ship quicker, but when it s a new release you can expect a longer time on delivery.

I guess I would agree with that, so wirelesss you re looking for a notebook that screams get out of my way or you want to present an attitude, then don t look here. Intel Pentium M Dothan 1.

Dell Inspiron 700m Review (pics, specs)

It will stick out of the vell of the Inspiron m quite a bit though and add weight. If you despise all the bundled promotional applications such as AOL 9. Down load the b43 zip file then drag and drop the file to your desktop. Left-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image Specs: September 27th, 9.


They make a lot of noise when clicked and just feel cheap.

If you have a Digital Video Recorder the FireWire port will allow fast transfer of files from such a device. I got the same 2 minute and 10 second mark whether the m was plugged in or running on batteries. Well, go anywhere as long as it s not for over 2 hours and away from an 700j plug outlet. But to be fair, one must consider the fact that Dell had to crunch the keys of the m into a much smaller area than IBM did for the T40, so sacrifices in usability are expected in order to save on space.

Oh well, it s how these computer companies make there money.

September 27th, 7. Right-click it and select Extract Here, disconnect your wired connection. This is not a desktop replacement style notebook. Visit our network of sites: It s got enough style to turn some heads, but it s by no means loud in it s design as the Acer Ferrari notebook is.

Even after weeks of use I keep missing that key every time I go to push it to end a sentence. If I wreless to scroll a page just a little with the touchpad it always turns out to scroll more than I want.


The review unit Inspiron m has the following specs:. I don t have a problem just focusing on the content of the screen and ignoring reflections.

It is priced very wideless if you use coupons checkout http: Front-side view of the Inspiron m and a look at its layout view larger image.

The only thing that does make it slightly awkward to have this notebook on your lap are the rubber feet on the bottom, they tend to stick into your legs and don t let the notebook rest flat on your legs.

Dell Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

This notebook is also a good size for business people that need to travel or just want a smallish notebook that can easily be transported between work and home.

Originally Posted by chili I really like its looks and I really, really like the screen. September 26th, 2. I also ran a program called Super Pi http: Overall the keyboard can be described as cramped and not revolutionary, the IBM X40 is of the same size as the m but manages to provide a much better and much more usable keyboard.

Build I separate the build from the design as it is entirely possible for the design of a notebook to look nice, but the build to feel a little cheap.