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The sheet multipurpose tray is located below the control panel. Ask About Free Shipping! Then the Lexmark Edn laser printer might be for you. Print Black, Think Green Designed with eco-conscious features like Eco-Mode and an instant warm-up fuser to help you reduce paper usage and save energy,. Robust and Reliable Partner. Since I chose the Ethernet route on my initial setup, I got a network info page including:

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This single function monochrome laser can print a document in less than seven seconds and give users a maximum 80, pages a month. Set your e360cn for the proper paper type and weight. At first, I was astounded by the draft mode because the print quality was almost as good as the normal mode but then I realized that was because Lexmark set the toner darkness standard among all three modes.

Since this is a monochrome laser printer, there is only one black toner cartridge e306dn was relatively easy to install. The speed from warm up to first print is less than 20 seconds. The Lexmark EDN is a black and white network printer which prints up to a fast 40 pages per minute.

I went through both prompts; the suggested setup was much easier and probably quicker. Anything lower than this will appear pixelated and lower than photo quality.

Lexmark E360DN Monochrome Network Laser Printer Reconditioned

Fine art papers are heavier than ordinary inkjet or bond papers so d360dn the printer to thicker paper settings. Lexmark has a few energy saving features that can reduce the watts used by the Edn. The power button and the AC power port are also located on the back along with additional access into the machine.


In draft mode — dpi resolution — the Edn printed 39 ppm on average with a first page out in around 5 seconds. Printing responsibly means everyone wins”your business, your budget and the environment!

It took a little over two minutes to print a page document. Recycle your empty cartridges free of charge through the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program. The mostly gray design is pretty plain — sort of expected from a monochrome single function laser printer — with just a simple Lexmark logo on the front but will blend into an office environment nicely.

You can even expand printer memory up to MB for fast printing of graphics-intensive documents. Print Tests Lexmark advertises that the Edn can print up to 40 pages per minute and my print tests were extremely close to this estimated speed.

What I really loved about the Edn was that e360xn can so easily adjust the toner darkness manually leading to a much more efficient use of their toner cartridges.

Lexmark Edn review –

Once you flip the power switch, the Edn will go through some brief warm up activity and then print a connection page.

The small, intuitive control panel is located on the front of the Edn and consists of a 2-line x 32 pixel backlit LCD and six buttons: The web server menu can be accessed via a browser with the supplied IP address. It will alert users to any errors: In energy saving mode and power saving mode, the Edn uses about 10W.

Print Black, Think Green Designed with eco-conscious features like Eco-Mode and an instant warm-up fuser to help you reduce paper usage and save energy. Ease of use The Edn print settings, device status and various other admin options can be accessed multiple ways making the printer much easier to use.


When printing, the Edn pulsates between W and W but drops back to about e360d in ready mode. Setting up the Edn The Edn — like most laser printers these days — is much easier to set up thanks to easy to load toner cartridges and network capability.

Below the multipurpose tray, users will find the standard sheet paper drawer that also has adjustable paper clasps.

Lexmark EDN Monochrome Printer Reconditioned – Copyfaxes

I prefer using the options 3e60dn through my PC: So if you just need a hard working basic printer that loves to work here is your home or office printing solution. Dpi is used to describe the resolution number of dots per inch in a digital print.

After the short warm up, the watts lower dramatically and the energy consumption hovers around 12W in ready mode. It offers great features, fast e360dh speeds, and good print quality for a decent price. At Copyfaxes, we are always looking to improve our customer’s shopping experience.

Then the Lexmark Edn laser printer might be for you.