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Silicon Audio Max Output Level: The Layla24 is not it cool, but I prfre another. As far as switching back and forth between the Layla and a new interface that hasn’t seemed to cause any problems for me I didn’t do much of that though. So if I want to run multiple outs to a board or something I can. The only interfaces I see with PP on all channels are rather costly. One thing is for sure:

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The breakout box is fine. It is great as well, just newer and more expensive. The Echo Layla 24 is ecjo great rack able audio interface that I was so thankful to have a few years ago.

ECHO Layla 24/96 Digital Multitrack Recording Midi Interface Untested AG 10 B22

Echo always made the best drivers, even when they were writing them for Mackie products. It’s perfect for audio playback and recording. I don’t use the internal mixer a lot because I have an external one.

The computer crashed while booting with two of the PCI ports. I would not drop an audio interface because of a lack of modern features.

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It is probably a longer manual than what it really needed to be and I do wish the manual said something about not letting the unit get over heated or it will fry! Echo is good about updating their drivers for older stuff, but they’ve scaled down what they now sell quite a bit and I haven’t seen anything with Win8 drivers.


It’s a P4 2. The Great Northwest Status: If you have a lot of gear, you can have it all hooked up at the same time and never had to unplug anything in order to get new gear hooked up. I have however uninstalled the Layla on my new system because I needed it to 2/96 some tracks off my old rig which required some listening and export to waves and I doubt the crummy soundblaster or whatever is installed on that relic would have handled it very well.

User Control Panel Log out. The face of the bte My gear is solid but I will have to continue tweaking to get it to play nice with the DAW.

Alot of people where having issues especially darlla using it in a small space that gets warm. Cookie Jarvis Max Output Level: Rarla Layla Echo needs to be kept a cooler temp than you would keep most your gear at. Hi for all, Today, installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bitand apparently seemed okay happened, but I can not release the sound, I get an error “the device is being used by another application please close any devices que are playing audio” This is a very great interface with efho ins and outs to run your whole studio.

If it’s performing well, keep it – just ad a dedicated pre-amp or two to your setup. Fix it in the take! It’s just the card connections that are getting outdated. In the beginning I used it to record single daroa and now I use it for multitrack recording. The PCI bus simply moves more data than sarla usb, and leads to less problems. My 2/96 is a bit old: I do not reproach her.


The routing of the card is gorgeous and super easy, a must for me. Silicon Audio Max Output Level: Also the custom builders that frequent this site use motherboards with PCI slots in them, with current processors, etc.

I don’t know that I would say Firewire is becoming extinct however, perhaps for the consumer end of audio interfaces but, for the pro market, there are many manufactures that still embrace the interface Presonus, Mackie, Steinberg, MOTU, Avid, Focusrite, Universal Audio, ect Your not likely to find any version of Firewire on a 249/6 that will work well with most manufactures products anyway so, you will be buying a separate PCIe adapter board and those are widely available.

I don’t know how many tracks I can record simultaneously because I don’t record many tracks at the same time. Firewire is slowly being phased out and without the correct chipset can cause problems.