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I won’t buy any more Fuji xerox as i am still waiting for pritner to be fixed It also has direct USB to device, so you can print various file pdf, images, documents directly from your USB flash drive without your computer. But I believe every manufacturer are doing it these days. I have to say I am now more confidant about buying a Fuji product just because of the product support. It is an economic printer, I haven’t changed the toner yet. Mb 4 – Discontinued Mfw 2 – Discontinued.

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Finally, after 6 months’ of sporadic use, the printer decided it would no longer connect to the Wi-Fi or work on any laptops other than mine even with a USB cable. I have to say I am now more confidant about buying a Fuji product just because of the product support.

Rang their support, they asked about the serial and so forth and within two days they pginter a brand new replacement unit. Although the removing the jam option is available via the rear end, it’s hopeless. It also started squeaking and copying A4-sized documents to A5 size!

The scanning function at other times has been very temperamental; sometimes requiring a xeeox shutdown and restart of the computer in order to get it to function. Mb 4 – Discontinued Mfw 2 – Discontinued. Worst service, horrible quality. I had to ring up the tech department to help me, and enlist the help of my friend who is an electrical engineer. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Since then over a week agono one has called me back about a re-delivery.


To me that is a dirty handed tactic to sell more toners. I will never buy a Fuji Xerox printer ever. Your the best and then there is the rest. If it wasn’t for the constant paper jam and bad service, then it would be a dream printer. And the new unit has been printing away since, no issues. I’ve bought 2 types of toner for the printer and somehow, after numerous pages of printing, it appears the printer has become “too tired” to function properly and the quality downgrades.

When the toner is low, you cannot operate the printer because it continually pops up saying “toner is near life”. I’ve got this printer for about a year now and i’ve never had a printer which jams so much.

Frequent manual hand feed is the norm.

I printed 3 pages, 2 out of 3 jammed – that was after prunter the software 5 times until it decided to work; only with a usb cable, mind.

I actually went to the shop to buy another printer, but the sales person convinced me to buy this one. If printer will need service then you will stuck in loop between support and technician. Once it did jam pretty badly as it pulled in many sheets of paper at once. One of the biggest problems is that it jams like crazy.


Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M205f Mono Laser ปริ้นเตอร์

The product itself is good. We logged a call and after 5 days technician attended site although i mentioned it is business and we need it to be fixed ASAP. Fuji xerox has superb support!! Then they said “is there anything else we can do for you sir? By the time I called, they said the printer was already on it’s way – fair enough.

The third time they didn’t have any so i rang fuji xerox on the queens birthday late afternoon and they answered. We bought fuji xerox MFd for one of our branch offices.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint Mf specification –

This is a really terrible, terrible printer. I own the M fw black version. Fuji xerox use contractor as technician technician are not their direct employees. Then once we got it working, we realised a number of features priinter not work, and this was confirmed by the Fuji technician.