See the signals chapter in the device reference manual for the signal muxing. F capacitors around the package on the VDD supply signals. As a general rule, the value obtained on a single-layer board is within the normal range for the tightly packed printed circuit board. Effective size of the board which cools the component? Construction of the application board number of planes?

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VPP can drop to 3.

Tlash family of parts has many new features coupled with high performance CMOS technology to provide substantial reduction of cost per feature and significant performance improvement over the MPC family. JEDEC specifications are available flxsh the web at http: MPC Thermal Characteristics The shaded rows in the following table indicate information specific to a four-layer board.

As a general rule, the value obtained on a single-layer board is within the normal range for the tightly packed printed circuit board. Freescale Semiconductor Document Number: Figure 2 shows an approximate interpolation of the ISTBY worst-case specification to estimate values at different voltages and temperatures. VDDEH — — 0. To calculate the output delay with respect to the system clock, add a maximum of one fllash clock to the output delay.


Freescale Semiconductor Evaluation Board for MPC5500 Series MPC5554EVBE MPC5554EVBE Data Sheet

Leakage current decreases by approximately one-half for each 8 oC to 12 oC, in the ambient temperature range of 50 oC to oC. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

The difference between the values determined for the single-layer 1s board compared fkash a four-layer board that has two signal layers, a power and a ground plane 2s2pdemonstrate that the effective thermal resistance is not a constant. From power up with crystal oscillator reference, the lock time also includes the crystal startup time.

Freescale Semiconductor China Ltd. This parameter clash supplied for reference and is guaranteed by design not tested.

The output pin current can be calculated from Table 10 based on the voltage, frequency, and load on the pin. Synchronous Input Timing 3. For many natural convection and especially closed box applications, the board temperature at the perimeter edge of the package is flsh the same as the local air temperature near the device.

Complete DC parametric and functional testing will be performed per applicable device specification at room temperature followed by hot temperature, unless specified otherwise in the device specification.

The designer must thoroughly understand the drift margin of the source clock. Vextal — Vxtal must be? Motor control capabilities include edge-aligned and center-aligned PWM. Reset and Configuration Pin Timing 3. Flashh is no minimum read frequency condition.


Refer to Table 10 for values to calculate power dissipation for specific operation.


The power consumption is the sum of all output pin currents for a segment. Technical Data Document Number: VDD must have a 20? In addition, the ambient temperature varies widely within the application. Place the thermocouple wire flat against the package case to avoid measurement errors caused by the cooling effects of the thermocouple wire.

The thermal environment can be controlled to change the case-to-ambient thermal resistance, R? Applies to pad flasj Refer to Table 1. Reset and Configuration Pin Timing JT to determine the junction temperature by measuring the temperature at the top center of the package case using the following equation: The internal SRAM and flash memory hold instructions and data.

Changed the first sentence FROM,the voltage on the pins goes to high-impedance until.