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I would recommend this phone to those looking for a slim flip that is full of features. Just bought the new motorola KRZR k1m. Other than that it’s a wonderful phone. On Mac, use Stuffit. Advertisements or commercial links.

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I’m considering this phone as I really like it’s general appearence but I do like to use the MP3 player, does anyone know how many songs [approx.

But i have a question.

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Then go to USB Settings. Has frozen a few times and sometimes the phone turns itself off after you unplug it from when its finished charging, and you have to take the battery out before it will turn back on. The phone is beautiful. If you do not have a Phone as Modem service plan you will not be able to utilize this feature.

Had to reboot the phone at least a couple of times each day because the voice commands didn’t respond over vita.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Now go to X: Since you said you have no problem getting mp3s on your phone, I figured you definitely knew what you were doing, so I’m asking you. Find the latest software from Sprint for your phone.


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Other than that it’s a wonderful phone. Then all you have to do is push the “start sync” button and you are done. As soon as I figure anything out, I’ll be sure to share. Harsh sounding call quality, low call volume, average reception, buggy bluetooth, sluggish web browsing. For Dellkardon, your best bet is probably either using either a FM transmitter or a cassete adaptor connected by a headphone jack to the phone – and you’ll probably need the same adaptor that catnjr needs to make it work with the smaller pin.

March 6th, by Yolonda Hebb. The warranty support has been incredibly frustrating. Otherwise I love this phone but it is a PAIN to eat through your monthly data plan with unintended MMS messages and it is a pain for friends and family and associates to have to eat through their data plan, multimedia messaging allowance to view what SHOULD be a simple text message Ok, the card you are talking about, did you buy this serparately? It may be that the phone keeps the tones on its own memory to prevent what were’re trying to do – verizon is probably pretty fond of getting a buck for each ringtone that doesn’t suck.


Motorola KRZR k1m(how do u transfer music from pc??)

I have been looking all over for this software and just cannot seem to find it. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Thanks so much, I really appretiate it. I can listen on the speaker phone only at this time.

It works perfect now. I have installed the latest MPT 4.

MosterPack para Motorola Krzr K1

I am constantly cleaning fingerprints off of the phone! How do you format the SD card?

Samsung Galaxy A7 review. And in the phone’s media player, I can play the files. Therefore, the data must be put onto the card and then the card into the phone. Then go to Connectivity. Once that is done click apply then ok. Data Select the amount of total data you need for the entire plan. The earpiece audio was at best mediocre and the call volume was very low, even with the volume at maximum.