When I start a remote session, I can put in the textbox “cmd. Are there any commandline switches for the issuser. Start the remote control viewer and run a particular feature. See command names below. The remote control agent on each managed device stores log information in C: It can be run from that share or copied to the local client and executed.

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RC Viewer Upgrade Issue. Browsing All Articles Articles. Popular Discussions – Remote Control http: Please type your message and try again.

I just wish it wasn’t yet another reason for the public to hate LANDesk. We have checked that the ports: If the Integrity Shield is turned on, you must have temporary privileges that let you copy to the directory that the Integrity Shield is protecting.

How to manually remove the LandeskSoftware. | Ivanti User Community

Additional manual removal need to be performed. We have also tested on LD9 SP2 and have the same issues. I have researched this myself and I have checked quite a few things.

Verified Product Versions Endpoint Manager 9. Run as admin variables.


Once the viewer connects to a device, you can choose from these tasks:. If devices running issuser. And the main cause of this problem is the two processes are often limited in cleaning the components initially installed on the computer, but not include those created during the use of the application, and additionally, associated registry files in the system are also ignored by the traditional removing process.

All of benefit from related files and registry entries will be found on the computer. Try the version of UninstallWinClient.

You can’t uninstall the standard remote control driver and use only the mirror driver. It interferes with our Unix thin client installations when we remote into these systems. Once you’re remotely viewing a device, you can use the drawing tools on it. I didn’t realize this would be that easy. Another way you uninsall optimize performance is to suppress the remote wallpaper.

Mirrof primarily looking for an easy way to either disable or remove the mirror driver from all of our clients through LANDesk. The drawn images stay on both your screens until you click the eraser in the drawing tool palette.


We have registered execviewer2.

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Also, autoscroll automatically scrolls the window as the mouse pointer approaches the viewer window’s edge. You can launch the remote control viewer using a command-line option that immediately opens a viewer window, connects to a specific device, and activates the viewer features you want, such as remote control, chat, file transfer, or device reboot.

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Since the program will be launched on the remote device, the path and filename you enter must be present on the remote device. You can use the remote control viewer to remotely reboot a device. For more information, see Deploying remote control. Port is used to communicate between the viewer and agent computers. Uinnstall anyone know how to stop the multiple rcgui. Automatic and complete removal.