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The two inputs are connected before on acoustic guitars and basses. Extending Avid’s legacy of providing best-in-class solutions for customers of all skill levels—from advanced professionals to students and beginners—the new Fast Track C-series delivers exceptional audio quality plus hands-on controls for a superior user experience. The end result is a new generation of music creation solutions that empower musicians to deliver better quality recordings in less time. Subscribe to our Newsletter. All in all, a great little recording interface for songwriters, demos, 2- channel location recordings, and just about anything else you can throw at it. M-Audio also makes a four-in, six-out version, the C, that also has two headphone outputs. This compact audio interface allows you to record up to 8 channels simultaneously on an iPad; delivers 18 input and 18 output channels on Windows and Mac OS X 8 analog, 10 digital ; supports USB 2.

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m-audio fast track c c [Linux-Sound]

C perfectly fulfills this contract Are they often updated? I would say that the main problem is that converters are a very average quality. The 60 secs I spent this morning looking up your gear is enough to make me weary of buying this item.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The monitoring is very close to zero latency. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion. I tried a sound card usb”” for use with mobile studio and a volume knob on top.

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The number of tracks played simultaneously also depends on which project you work and plugins used: The first mobile but also a bit overwhelmed. So, I borrowed the C from Jules, and loaned it to Ricky and Gordon, and it worked perfectly for them too.


I use the card to save on my computer, buy with Pro Tools MP9. By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Level latency, I can get down to I manage to record multiple tracks at the same time but it’s still light.

These exciting releases make it simpler than ever to transform ideas into professional-quality music by putting more control at your fingertips, giving you the freedom to make music at the speed of your creativity. Quality preamps and inputs in general is pretty good in this price range You do not hook it up to your laptop. Design Technology by Metronet.

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This can be convenient for mobile use One feature that I really liked with this interface is that I could connect more than xudio set of monitors to it and switch back and forth between them for monitoring on different speakers as a reference. Even with great care, it is inevitable because any nail tip that exceeds a knob that rotates, and the scratch akdio top!

The Orion32 is a prime example. For example, I have a piece of a dozen tracks which rowing map: The software part is rather well thought out, it easily makes its mark! Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community!


For those we have lost. All in all, a great little recording interface for songwriters, demos, 2- channel location recordings, and just about anything else you can throw at it.

I have not tried other model But my editors suggested I elaborate. Please note que le Following M-Audio branded products Were not included in the acquisition, and will continue to be sold, supported, fat serviced by Avid.

The resulting latency in Cubase is on the record definition but is generally correct. She is very average, the preamps are very light. Vintage King co-founder Michael Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage audio gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for a walk through I gave the box to Jules, and the next day she had it hooked up and installed without any help from me – the first time she had ever installed a recording interface – which speaks to how easy the C is to get started with.

How’s it going folks, I am a producer who is looking to get more into the engineering side of things.