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Cannot say for sure, as I never used MSU before this problem. Thanks, I have used Gaudi’s package from this post. Make sure you shutdown after flashing. NVMe mod succesfully works but not in 1. Thu Oct 01, 6: Click here , to adjust the content of the private message. If I install latest Marvell driver it doesn’t give any errors and the device is listed under storage controllers as usual, but no drives attached to it are detected.

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Given i get the same controller revision What was the method of flashing them, did it completed with successful mwrvell I wonder how and when this can be triggered. I managed to program the flash chip with your imageA0. Since your questions are Firmware and not driver related, I have moved your post into this thread.

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I make sure to share the ROM as soon as I get hold on the new card, to be inspected and to help others in the future. Looking for our Products?

If you want to achieve great things, then we want to talk with you. NVMe mod succesfully works but not in 1.


Please enter a reason for warning. Eventually it continues the boot after the wait. I actually have that image in my collection. Wed Sep 30, 8: Do you remember if the fields in MSU were the same before the bad flash?

I’m quite lost with all these Marvell firmware stuffs, image creators etc. Cannot say for sure, as I never used MSU before this problem.

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I do not dare running the update routine, pxie the tool cannot even read the current flash! Many thanks for your answer again. So only the last part differs, don’t know what it means but could be just something system specific. Regards Dieter alias Fernando My current System: What is the python tool you use to dump the sections of a BIOS image for those boards?

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I have another idea: Make sure you shutdown after flashing. Zitat von lordkag im Beitrag If the controller is not seen marveol the Marvell flasher any more, probably so.

Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. Tue Dec 22, 1: So I went to try the A1 version image to see if I hadn’t flashed the correct one.


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Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. This is from your backup image, there is a Firmware 2. If the backup is having problems, you should avoid flashing a new firmware.

These firmwares don’t fall from the tree, I have to assemble them with consideration for components selection, then double and triple check my work.

The rest of the components seem universal with 91xx and 92xx distinctionas Marcell have seen them in different images for different controllers. Okay, got some progress! Please enter a reason for warning.

I am running out of ideas and you should definitely backup the firmware from your new card, for your own personal safety, but also for my research. Thu May 07, 5: