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There is no access to the individual red, green and blue controls within this preset nor in the default ‘Native’ preset and so if you want that level of control you would need to use one of the other preset modes. Size 23″WS Colour Depth There’s no extended gamut if you want to work with extended colour spaces and responsiveness is not quite up to modern standards unfortunately. The most obvious, and disappointing, was the obvious backlight leakage from all 4 corners of the screen. At average dE of 2. It makes for an ideal monitor for video and photo-editing enthusiasts. If you get a model with bad leakage, an RMA is probably possible.

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Average dE was an impressive 2. If you need great colour accuracy and wide viewing angles, or want the DisplayPort input, it’s just about worth the high price. Thankfully, the screen is matte and there is no piano black gloss anywhere in nce.

It’s not a bad performer, but not quite as fast as other models in this size range I don’t think. This preset does nev some better results than the Native mode, so worth using if you don’t do anything else for some better colour accuracy. In practice, the sharpness ‘boost’ doesn’t really offer any improvement compared with normal mode in movies and video.

Personal Residence Commercial Building. On-Screen Display On Screen Display controls allow users to quickly and easily adjust all elements of their screen image via simple-to-use on screen menus.


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Request Information Protect Your Investment. There is no “through” mode or equivalent here either which other models sometimes implement to bypass certain ne to reduce input lag.

While you lose vertical space compared with a The controls were a little bit awkward. If you get a model with bad leakage, an RMA is probably possible.

Where they are ranked, it is from 1st to 3rd place where applicable in each category and colour coordinated red, amber and green. We’ll come on to these features a little later on, but for now let’s take a look at the specs: Overall, I would say the panel uniformity in this test eea231wmi only average, and not as good as some of the other models we have tested in this kind of size. The panel enc free from any off-centre contrast shift which you see from VA matrices, and this is why IPS technology is so highly regarded in the colour enthusiast and professional space.

Please note that results may vary.

NEC MultiSync EA231WMi review

Black depth – Again, very close but the NEC just takes the lead at 0. Have a problem with your NEC Monitor?

Beneath this are the results of the screens gamma which is recorded at 2. Stay up to date: Designed with features geared towards homes and businesses alike, the MultiSync monitor provides all the versatility you need in a monitor. Otherwise this one is a keeper. OSD menu showing colour preset modes and further ‘tools’ menu.


Office and Windows Use. Some models with extended gamuts will offer an sRGB emulation mode which does bring the colour space more in line with this reference, but the NEC EAWMi doesn’t change anything in that regard with this preset.

NEC EA231WMI LCD Monitor

Colour Accuracy, Black Depth and Contrast. This is often referred to as the gamut, and here you can see that the monitors colour space pretty much covers the colour space represented by the sRGB reference. The OSD offers a good range of options as well. I would thoroughly recommend a read of this article over at X-bit Labswhich covers the pros and cons well.

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All in all, it is a very keenly priced screen with some very good performance across the board. It has excellent color, is bright, and doesn’t have any necc viewing angle ea231wni. It’s important to note that although all other OSD were left at default settings for this “out of the box” test, I did disable the ECO mode and Auto Brightness control as they dynamically control the backlight which I did not want happening during the reporting process.

However, this seems to ‘overshoot’ a tiny bit leaving your screen tilting ever so slight upwards to the right.