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Only the CAN device driver is available for Linux. From now on, the complete driver will be distributed under the GPL. If you have any questions about the drivers please contact us. Support of future Kernel 3. Receiving of messages won’t be possible – these tools are only for the chardev driver. Fixed wrong handling of USB device enumeration in the shared library.

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Included last linux-can header files rather very old ones. But if you modify the library you have to give back this modification to the community if you distribute the modified library. Now devices ranges are: Pcan linux up to kernel 2.

Fixed compilation issues with Linux Kernel versions up to pcan linux. Libpcanfd has been changed too. On some systems hot plug support will not work correctly kernel pcan linux. Support of future Kernel 3. The driver can be built with Kernels more recent than 4. Fixed compilation issues pca 2.


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This doesn’t matter since the driver is GPL’d. From now on, the driver support Kernel 2. From now on, the complete driver will be pan under the GPL. It does not matter, if your user program is open pcan linux closed source and what licence, however.

This simplifies the software development. Note that the driver’s services are only of use through kernel services. You’ll need to reboot your system, to have the linux-can lcan automatically pcan linux by the next system start.

The ‘obfuscated’ code for pcan linux USB Interface is removed. Set the acceptance code and mask for linu and bit CAN Pcan linux standard or pcan linux modes Define what kinds of message the application wants to receive: To ease access to the driver’s services PEAK provides a library ‘libpcan. We support the CANFestival project: Copy the patch into the peak-linux-driver Better support of some older kernels 2. This msg is no more pushed by the device ISR This enables to limit Rx queue flooding and ensure that the msg will always be pushed.


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From now on, the driver support Kernel Kernel 2. If this duration is reached before the end of pcan linux test, the application returns 1 lib: Some compiler problems with different Linux versions solved 2. Timestamps with resolution down to microseconds. The Xenomai implementation support only driver up pcan linux Version 6. If you only use the driver’s services from your user program it is the same situation like using kernel provided services from a user program.

Support up to Kernel 2. Add Filters for character device driver.

Receiving of messages won’t be possible – these tools are only for the chardev driver. Added support for Kernel v3.

It can be changed with: