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This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Introduced in by then graphics powerhouse S3, Inc. Retrieved from ” https: Problems New chips, new driver releases. On top of my head I can only think of Battle Race which won’t run and Terminal Velocity which gives glitches. But there are games that only support the S3 Virge for 3D acceleration and GX2 runs them smooth unlike say the Virge which frequently got fps in 3D mode even on games supposedly made for it , with quite nice filtering, resolution and textures as you can see.

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Because of this I covered them even if they fall out of my time scope.

86E357 / S3 Virge Gx2 / Integrated Circuit

There is virge/yx2 material that is knowingly illegal here. It was not so popular because other 3D cards were far more powerful at the time GX2 came out. As far as i remeber the virge series sold well,becouse virge/g2 where a lot of cheap videocards on the market with this chip and the 2D part was fast and had good dos compatibility,output image quality wasn’t the best compared with matrox or ati cards.

There was second iteration marked 86c, but I don’t know what the difference is. Is Ms-Dos actually a good environment to play early 3d games?


I mean while first Virge is so slow, it was born in time of little standards, mild competition and unclear virge/x2 of the whole 3D accelerator industry. It is a small performance bump, but it cannot be denied. For the looks is PCI but I’m not quite sure.

I never virge/gxx2 of that game. I have some virgegx2 whether the toolkit was really updated for last Virge. Or should we go with Windows 95 directly. Rebranded and reclassified into “business accelerator” Virtual Reality Graphics Engine stayed with us under a new name for few more years, polluting AGP slots of many unhappy gamers.

Still with around 15 FPS at x resolution “decelerator” jokes cannot be stopped. New chips, e3 driver releases. Quake wrapper and S3d patch are included. Reply with quote Re: Even so GX2 stays quite cold just like other members of the family. This site hosts no abandonware. Most people should avoid such depressive experience though. Voodoo 3 16MB Sound: And that newer MX driver managed to run the game a lot faster at expense of more funny bugs.

GVC Media Tech GA11A AGP Video Adapter S3 Virge/gx2 on Board 86c | eBay

Power constraints squished Ramdac speed back to MHz. Here’s an example how it should perform in S3D games: Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: The ViRGE family delivered faster Windows acceleration in the same physical footprint as its predecessor.


S3 legacy archive fails to deliver MX driver, but I found quite good one from Compaq, version Was it not very popular back then? I quickly tried to port this driver to GX2 with no success, so I stuck with older for the top dog. I modified inf of to accept first generation Virges and MX, with the option to use the better for MX.

A short video clip seen here: However, realtime 3D graphics rendering was new and unfamiliar territory for S3 and many of its hardware d3. They weren’t very popular with gamers,becouse they were slow.

On top of my head I can only think of Vige/gx2 Race which won’t run and Terminal Velocity which gives glitches. Maybe change to a Socket 7 mhz to be able to play some of these games.