The HDVD is simply a more pleasant and enjoyable listen. The HDVD has enough headroom to drive either set of phones beyond my comfort level, but if you need more gain, there is a recessed dial that allows even higher volume levels. This enables transmission of the entire frequency spectrum of high-end audio sources without any loss of frequencies. Mystical Friend — The Splendor: We use cookies to ensure you get the best from our website. No, create an account now. Morning Bell — Radiohead:

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It is a matter of synergy, however. The Sennheiser sennheiser hdvd 800 good, but the V is better. Dualist — Ole Kvernberg: The vocals here are just better with the WA2, more natural.

Again, the V is more textured, precise. The Sennheiser hdvd 800 is maybe warmer sounding, but also a bit fuzzy. WRT amplifier matching, I would be very surprised if it turned out any differently.

I like both presentations, but prefer the more laid back WA2. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to sennheiser hdvd 800 the functionality of this website. It is relaxed and full of detail and dynamics.

Both are a great listen, but the Violectric rig feels more detailed. The soundstage feels bigger.


Do you already have an account? The HDVD is simply a more pleasant and enjoyable listen.

Sennheiser HDVD Headphone Amp/DAC – Headphone Arts, Reviews | TONEAudio MAGAZINE

However after listening for a solid two hours sennheiser hdvd 800 countless times switching back and forth and also sennheiser hdvd 800 an Audiolab MDAC and Sugden HA4 into the mix just for comparisonit became clear over the duration of my visit that sennheiser hdvd 800 this gets out of the HD was nothing short of remarkable.

It lives up to what I’d want a high end headphone amp to sound, look and feel like. Yes, my password is: Otherwise they both perform good. I had more difficulties noticing any significant differences between the DACs than the amps.

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Sennheiser HDVD 800 Digital Headphone Amplifier

Only available to UK residents over 18, subject to terms and conditions. Not in an edgy way, just more precise. GSARiderMay 12, Dynamic Range Sennheiser hdvd 800 order to fully exploit the sound potential of the HDVD with any audio source, a rotary gain switch at the rear of the hdcd provides simple adaptation of the amplifier output to the audio input voltage.


This isn’t the case with the HDVD though. With the HDVD there is a very nice warmth that makes this instrumental, experimental string sennheiser hdvd 800 a better listen than with the V, which gets a little clinical.

But the Audio-gd gives much more sense of depth when you really, really listen into the music. Especially yhe V is a great versatile amp that makes every headphone sound good, and the V is a great DAC. Especially not for the price.

Brand new in original retail packaging. Sennheiser hdvd 800 very smooth and neutral sound with enough power to keep me happy. What did you dislike about the combination?

If only the dac was better I’d feel more comfortable giving it a recommendation without reservations. A great amp that deserves a sennheiser hdvd 800 dac than the one it comes with Written by TheManko Published Sep 19,