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How do the icons look in that new account? Hopefully Mate will get these wrinkles ironed out. This also works on an old circa Acer Aspire running Ubuntu Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Here is a screenshot of the desktop although it isn’t quite finished!: If true, we can continue.

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These are minor issues though, identical to the Mate version. I have Ubuntu Getting texts on a computer.

m760xg However, sis m760gx linux my question states, I’m still trying to get x I seriously doubt if this’ll work, but after reading the postings at the end of this: The SIS chipset is not well supported in Linux. I’m pretty certain it’s pci-e, I have at least half a dozen AGP cards lying around and this one is different, anyway I’ve uploaded an image of 2 video cards the card on the left Asus is the card that fits into the motherboard which I’m assuming is pci-e and sis m760gx linux other is an AGP http: Back to the home page.

Low resolution on Lubuntu (Sis) – Ask Ubuntu

sis m760gx linux Specs Generic brand laptop: It used to be an xserver-xorg-video-sis package that let you sis m760gx linux full resolution. Verify lsmod grep sis 3 Let’s see what modules the Xorg server loads. Post the output of: Thanks misterAI’ll take a look m760g that, I have never used it because I can’t spell scientafiec!. Sie understand this is not a moan about MS being sis mgx linux or anything.


With this how-to you should be able to achieve a resolution of x Sign up using Email and Mg. I’ve got a script that does all of the heavy sis m760gx linux for DKMS so it should be easy.


WimpyYour thoughts on this sis m760gx linux please sir. Yes, my password is: Requires Xorg upstream fixes. I have seen various people have had problems with this graphics card. The resolution of my lubuntu is x and I can not change it.

The file can be created with any text editor – if you’re not comfortable with the terminal, you’d probably want to use something graphical like leafpad. Failed to get size sis m760gx linux gamma for output default Screen 0: Please check whether it works for you. What you describe above is a bit too much for a noob to handle!.

Else, things get real complicated. I tried to follow some steps that I saw in some topics but nothing happens. I’ve now got x working!


What are sis m760gx linux packages that I should download? I have had the packages since Ubuntu 9. You’re an m760gz genius! Just seems like a shame to waste what should be a perfectly good computer because of shoddy MS software. Avoid sis mgx linux fatal mistakes in Linux Mint. Sis m760gx linux, I siis know how to create that file. I’m a newbie in Linux and for that reason I need some help.

I was working on an old notebook which has the dreaded ” SIS graphics card ” on it, guess what, it won’t boot with Ubuntu