The is taller than the Sign in or Register with Golfalot. The trajectory on solid hits was rather impressive. After about four solid months of using the , I have gone back to the The R, like the T, is a shallower-faced driver that delivers a little more spin and a little more cut correction than the S.

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Also it’s well balanced, and not too unwieldy like some of the maximum capacity headed drivers seem to be. Sound at impact is solid and delivers good feedback regarding the impact position. Media Reviews Golf Monthly. The goes further.

Titleist R Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

You would think this category would be at the top as the is touted as being more forgiving. Last round, I had 11 of 14 fairways. Even the headcover has been improved.

I have a question about Titqnium not R but i could not find any other place to ask, i figured alot 9905r r users have used s.

The sensation my hands receive on solid contact is that I can feel the face of the driver flexing and then rebounding, followed by little post-impact shockwaves. The face is still in great playing condition with TONS of golf left! The standard grip is the Titleist Tour Velvet Cord. Fantastic feel and flight of drive when hit out the sweet spot.


Titleist R: Clubs | eBay

This page was last updated: I would like a little more distance and still be able to work the ball. I played with a friend who just bought his R, it has the proforce shaft on it. I also have a 8. I have a slower less agressive type of swing. Until earlier this year, I was one of those S users. I use a j-vs and really like it, but am looking to upgrade.

Titleist Pro Titanium 905R Drivers

Skip to main content. I get the similar sound to if i hit is little high and little on the toe. The simple bottom markings are accentuated by the bore-through design and the acoustic sole plug. Any help or suggestions appreciated. The is high, but basically stays where it lands.

My thoughts are now the club is definitely worth the upgrade and with the shaft, its a monster. When i close the face well i kill it a goodbut i feel like the shaft makes me slice.


The ball feels like it comes off the face faster than the On center contact, the golf ball rockets off the face.

Titleist 905 Driver Review

Titleist R Pro Titanium Driver 9. I’m no mega seller, just sell a few things a year. Found the Titleist to be longer more forgiving but difficult to fade,but hits a powerful slight draw with good amount of roll ,you can hook with gitleist driver if your timing is out.

Write a Review Rate This Product: Less able to work it and slight tendency to pull to left likely due to heel weighting, as well as higher trajectory pto to higher loft and posterior center of gravity…may expalin the loss of distance. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. But the sound is very different between the two. Unheard of for me.